“Hi Moishy, This is the PM”

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netanyahu-moishy-holtzbergR’ Shimon and Yehudit Rosenberg have grown accustomed to receiving unique phone calls of people sharing sympathies or memories of their daughter and son in law.

Rivky and Rabbi Gabi Holtzberg, the shluchim murdered in the 2008 terror attack on their Chabad House in Mumbai, India, continue to have a presence in many people’s lives.

Yet, the phone call made Sunday night to the Rosenberg home in Afula was as unique as it was surprising.

Calling was Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office in Yerushalayim. They asked to speak to Moishy Holtzberg, the single child who miraculously survived the brutal murder.

When the phone was passed to the little boy, the voice on the line said, “Hi Moishy, this is the Prime Minister speaking.”

Bibi Netanyahu proceeded to say, “I wish you blessings and success ahead of your entering first grade tomorrow.”

He added, “Moishy, we remember you and we love you. We of course also remember your parents.”

A shy Holtzberg answered, “Thank you,” and said he will be going to learn in the Chabad Talmud Torah in the nearby Migdal Haemek.

Shanah tovah umetukah,” Moishy then told Netanyahu.

An aide to the Prime Minister later said that Netanyahu had a busy day, beginning with the weekly government meeting in addition to his regular responsibilities.

“But he didn’t want to forgo this phone call. When it started getting dark, he wanted to place the call before Moishy goes to sleep so he stopped what he was doing and called.”

Rabbi Rosenberg, the grandfather and the boy’s guardian, commented: “We were very touched that the Prime Minister didn’t forget Moishy and called.”


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  1. This story of little Moishy and what he had to endure in his life still breaks my heart. Of course its with great credit to his grandparents who are doing everything to give this little child all the love and care and all else that a child could need. We wish Moishy all the best and may the RSO be with him and give him all that he needs to help him grow to be a nachas to all.

  2. Let’s say it’s all PR. Doesn’t it say something about a people that this is what we find impressive? 😉
    Personally I think it’s not just PR. Tizku l’mitzvos, Mr. Netanyahu and may you have many positive opportunities, and the vision to use them well.


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