High Threat-Level for Israelis All Over the World


airportThe Israeli Counter Terrorism Bureau today issued a general advisory for all Israelis traveling to foreign locations throughout the world due to a risk of terrorist attacks. The general advisory was issued to all Israelis traveling to any location abroad, but particularly mentioned businessmen and former public officials.

The Bureau emphasized the “concrete, high-risk level” against Israelis visiting foreign countries.

The warning which was given based on information obtained by the bureau, explained that “threats of revenge continue to exist against Israelis abroad, particularly business people and former officials of the security apparatus who are at a high risk for kidnapping or murder attacks.”

Israelis traveling abroad were suggested to keep on high alert, to turn down unexpected suggestions and offers in the business and social realm, not to remain in deserted areas, and not to allow uninvited strangers or suspicious individuals into private quarters.

According to information from the bureau, Hizbullah is still trying to avenge Israel for the alleged assassination of Imad Mugniyeh. Iran has also blamed Israel for the alleged assassination of a nuclear scientist in Tehran.

The avenging will most likely be carried out by terrorist attacks against Israeli business people and former public officials.

{JPost/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. The west and its allies must understand that the only way to stop them from attacking, is to attack them. Rather fight in their cities and countries, and endanger their civilians than fight on your home turf. The best defense is offense, especially with this.


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