Higher Education in Israel

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The legal body mandated with the responsibility of awarding degrees in Israel is the council of higher education. There are 61 institutions of higher education spread thought the country. They are – 8 research universities, 31 academic colleges and 21 teacher-training colleges. The legally recognized degrees offered in Israel are PhDs, masters and bachelors. 

Research institutions award undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, while colleges ward bachelors and master’s degrees. Teacher training colleges offer diploma courses that are entirely funded by the government. 

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Courses offered to students by the institutions of higher education in Israel

Specific academic institutions in Israel offer diploma courses. Disciplines covered include; philosophy, education, law, biology, social sciences, and Judaic studies. The majority of institutions in Israel use Hebrew during lectures.

Depending on the range of functional language, there are several packages for international students, with social distancing applicable to enforce COVID-19 regulations. Demand determines the scope of language used.

Language barrier can be upsetting for students if a country is not accommodating enough or finds it hard to pick up a new language. Its’ not just about Israel but for any country as such.

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Post-secondary education follows a systematic pattern. 

Programs that do not yield degrees are under the supervision of the ministry of education and culture. The remaining institutions fall under council for the higher institution. 

The institutions under this body are – university institutions of higher education, non-university institutions of higher education, universities and colleges. There are eight universities registered by the council of higher education. A board of governors manages these universities. 

Popular courses studied in Israel

The Israeli institutions of higher education are one of the most reputable universities globally. They admit several international students every year. The most popular subjects are mathematics, chemistry and computer science. Short courses are often offered during summer are also very popular.

Some explorative international students take yearly exchange programs. Jewish history and culture are the main subjects taught in such programs. Regardless of the language you speak, Israel has it. 

Why you should choose Israel as a study destination

Scholarships offered to international students

The government offers scholarships to international students from countries sharing cultural programs with Israel. The terms used to award scholarships change from time to time. 

You must therefore be keen when applying for these offers. The scholarships can either be; Ulpian for summer language courses or research scholarships for the academic year.

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Good public and private universities

Universities in Israel blend both the Jewish culture and modern texture into their lessons. Israel has invested heavily in improving the infrastructure and employing more lectures and support staff. 

Good government policies that govern the education sector in Israel has made this possible. Public universities receive over 70% of their budget from the government. Out of this, 20% is used in catering for tuition fees for students. 

Private universities are more expensive compared to public universities. Enrolment to this institution is based on the ability to pay the fees. 

Numerous enrolments

Israel is a renowned tourist destination, with millions of tourists visiting the country every year. This has made it one of the most preferred countries to take post-secondary studies for many students. The slots for international students are always booked to capacity. 

A majority being historians and computer science students. In 2008, Israel registered over 280000 international students, most of them coming from North America and Europe.

Functional students’ authority

The students’authority is are supportive of students. It offers several services to immigrants and international students. These students enjoy a variety of services that include loans, tuition aids and housing assistance. They also learn the Jewish culture by interacting with the Jewish community.

Student visas

The ministry of education has laid out several structures that prioritize students during the application of visas. They collaborate with the different consulates and embassies in various countries to hasten the process. Passports are available online in the official foreign affairs portal. 


Israel has earned a name for itself in the provision of higher education. With the right programs that the government has put in place to ensure smooth studies for all students, it makes it a preferred choice for many international students. The facilities are in excellent condition for learning and recommended courses that aim at instilling comprehensive knowledge to students. Consider studying in Israel. 

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