Higher Kosher Prices In US And Israel Concern Consumers

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It is no longer a secret that kosher food prices have been rising but retailers say that customers are increasingly complaining about the spike. While many consumers seem to realize that higher fuel and transportation costs as well as sharply higher commodity prices are causing the increase, they want to make sure that pricing does not go beyond those costs that are passed on to grocers. Higher prices have also raised concern in Israel. According to Globes, as Strauss, Diplomat and other major suppliers mull raising prices, Israel’s supermarket chains have joined the fray by urging consumers to rebel. The supermarket chains, who are calling on consumers to launch a “shelf products boycott” and not purchase products that rise in price have notified manufacturers and distributors who hike prices that they expect price cuts as soon as global conditions reverse the surge in raw materials and shipping costs.

Rami Levy of the Rami Levy Chain Stores has called on consumers to rebel. “They’re putting the cart before the horse. We haven’t received new price lists, not even from Strauss, which mainly referred to coffee prices in its report. But, if there are price rises, the consumer is the one with influence. I call on consumers to go out on a new protest, a ‘shelf products boycott’… it could be the next social protest.”

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  1. Okay. This is nothing new. Just like the crooked ganavim esrogim dealers, the halachos of Choshen Mishpat don’t apply to “Kosher” food processors/manufacturers. Choshen Mishpat only applies to gullible loh yutzlach small business people. If you want to make serious money, you have to throw the Choshen Mishpat out the window. Kosher food & Esrogim dealers are the perfect models for how to steal from fellow Yidden, with a “heter” nuch deh tzee r”l!

  2. if there are price rises, the consumer is the one with influence. I call on consumers to go out on a new protest

    What am I supposed to do, go on a huger strike?

    • There is nothing wrong with tuna for shabbos. That is where we have been for months. Make kiddush on challa save on the grape juice.apples for dessert. Water no soda. Potatoes, amazing potatoes. No dining out.

      • I hope things improve for you. Also, if you aren’t already doing so, please use Tomchei Shabbos and/or other organizations that help those in difficult financial situations.

  3. Over the last month or two chicken, meat and fish have gone up significantly in price. Even at the “cheaper” kosher supermarkets we’re paying about 30% more than we did earlier this year. This is because of what’s in effect two price hikes: 1) The base prices have increased, and 2) The weekly sales aren’t nearly as good as they used to be, so we can’t stock up and fill the freezer with sale-priced meats and poultry.

    Who’s to blame? I don’t know – it may be that nobody’s getting rich and it’s just that there’s a shortage of workers. Bottom line though is that we’re getting hammered when doing our weekly and Shabbos shopping.


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