Hikind BLASTS Omar After She Tweets Her Heart Is “Breaking” Over Chabad Shooting

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Former Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind was having none of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s condolences following the shooting that killed one in the Chabad of Poway, California.

“My heart is breaking after today’s deadly shooting at Chabad Congregation in San Diego—on the last day of Passover and 6 months to the day after the Tree of Life shooting. We as a nation must confront the terrifying rise of religious hate and violence. Love trumps hate,” Omar tweeted.

Hikind, who has previously taken the Somali Congresswoman to task for anti Israel tweets was quick to respond.

“IS IT BREAKING? Is it?!?! As if you being an antisemite in Congress hasn’t contributed to such antisemitic violence? Spare us your BS heartbreak! You are at fault for this like every other Antisemite from the Left or Right! Sicko. Keep your (…) condolences.”


  1. I agree with Mr. Hikind. Ms. Omar should of remained silent. Her constant drumming the beat of anti Israel, which can not be separated from anti Jew, has only encouraged such acts of violence by evil people. Ms. Omar should make herself hidden.

  2. I hate to say this Dov your the sicko here. Why do you have to nitpick every word this woman says. When she says something wrong point it out and condemn it. But when she says the right things praise her or keep your mouth shut.

    • How could someone whose previous comments on Jews and Israel, were so anti Jewish, all of a sudden claim her heart is breaking because some Jews were attacked.

      If you believe she is sincere, there is a nice bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    • mr. ah yid, you have lost your brain somewhere and I will pray for you. you don’t have a pea brain understanding how wrong you are doc is 100% right and that somalian should keep her mouth shut and so you too

  3. Omar derangement syndrome. If she had kept silent, Dov would be attacking her for not saying anything.

  4. Omar is a despicable person, but the rough and tough rhetoric while filled with passion will lead to more hate. There was a much better w as y to respond. No need to lower yourself to her level. Your good and true message got lost in your presentation.

  5. what a Chillul Hashem it is to have such a nonsensical and harmful statement coming from Dov Hikind…
    Besides, publicly calling people names like “Sicko” is never helpful…

    • Excellent point. It’s sheeple like you who would of behaved nicely when the Nazi’s said, come let’s go to the ovens, shall we? Be contrite, put your head down, walk in single line to the showers. Never protest or fight back. That might really anger them.

      • Perhaps you think it would help becoming wolves? And if you are unable to feel awe for those who went through the unimaginable, you should show some fake respect, something which even Congresswoman Omar is attempting to.

  6. Hello?!! NEW reality here no one cares about her anti semitisim
    She is the future of U.S.A
    The country is going crazy
    One day she WILL be president so to just scream all day will just make it worse for us
    We have to think of other ways
    The yidden are losing everything in the U.S.

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