Hikind Calls Bloomberg’s Support of Ground Zero Mosque “Pure Chutzpah”


dov-hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn today denounced Mayor Bloomberg for his recent sanctimonious remarks regarding the proposed site of the Islamic community center and mosque just blocks away from Ground Zero.

“Mayor Bloomberg’s behavior is outrageous. He owes an apology to all New Yorkers,” said Hikind. “His remarks were insulting, degrading, and condescending. While Mayor Bloomberg is entitled to his point of view, he should not impugn others who have a differing opinion. The Mayor needs to get off his high horse, stop lecturing us, and acknowledge that other people have legitimate points of view.”

Hikind also questioned Bloomberg’s apparent indifference about the funding for the mosque and community center. “Why isn’t the Mayor more concerned about following the money trail?” Hikind asked. “People have a right to be worried. Historically, there have been enough instances where terrorist monies were used to fund seemingly innocuous projects. The Mayor’s behavior can only be classified as pure chutzpah.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Oh Great! This will definitely pull the plug on this mousque. I mean who is Guiliani, Pataki, Palin and Gingrich already that Bloomberg should heed to them? Why should Bloomberg be deterred from calls from Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and other radion-greats? Who is Lazio, Paladino and those other candidates for gov already. What is tens of thousands of partitions already to change his mind? Now we have Hikind on board, everything will change. I mean this is the assemblyman that condones Iran when needed. This is the politician that McCain relied on to retrieve the tape of Obama with Rashid Khalidi. He is the most powerful politician in the world that everyone fears, I’m sure we can sit back and relax now.

  2. Thank you Dov for speaking out. This illegitimate Mayor is in office because he broke the law & told the “will of the people” who voted for term limits, I’m above the law. I don’t care what you think and say! He has proven time and again, his arrogant condescending attitude towards us, little people – the hard working, tax paying New Yorkers!


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