Hikind Calls for Resignation of NYC Sanitation Commisioner


nyc-sanitation-commissioner-john-dohertyIn reaction to the horrific conditions still existent throughout the five boroughs, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) called for the resignation of NYC Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty. “This lack

¬†of response is nothing less than criminal. My office has been inundated with calls demanding answers why no one’s streets have been plowed two days after the storm. There is no excuse.”

Hikind received a phone call last night informing him of the passing of a family friend’s mother. The funeral cannot be held today in conforming to Jewish law for a person to be buried as soon as possible. Because of the horrendous street conditions, no one can get the body to the funeral home nor attend the funeral. “This is unconscionable,” Hikind said. “It’s hard enough losing a loved one, but not to be able to bury them according to one’s religious beliefs is just a horror.”

“This is not the first major storm that NYC has faced in recent memory,” Hikind noted. “Seniors are trapped at home with little or no food. Emergency vehicles aren’t able to respond to emergencies. A NYC ambulance was stranded on Avenue L for nine hours yesterday only to be rescued by a fire truck. This lack of response from the city of New York cannot go unanswered. Can Mayor Bloomberg face the reality that this has been a colossal failure on behalf his administration? Mayor Bloomberg has prided himself on accountability. Let the Mayor make Commissioner Doherty accountable and demand his resignation.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The light to be shed on the subject is to be found in the budget cuts. The mayor probably did not want to pay overtime, which is what it takes to clear the streets in a timely manner.


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