Hikind Condemns ‘Deafening Silence’ From Hillary Clinton Following Outrageous Remarks By Sanders on Israel

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Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) condemned Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for remaining silent after Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently suggested Israel “killed thousands of innocent” Palestinians in Gaza during the summer of 2014. While reports began to surface nearly 48 hours ago, Clinton has remained quiet on the issue.

“The comments made by Sanders were not only egregious, but the lack of a response from Clinton was just as appalling. Her silence is so deafening,” said an outraged Assemblyman Hikind. “When will she publicly condemn this ‘blood libel?”

Added Hikind, “When it comes to criticizing Trump for his comments, Clinton doesn’t hesitate to lash out. It’s automatic. But when it comes to condemning Sanders for spewing false claims against Israel, she hasn’t said a word. She told us she was one of Israel’s biggest supporters. What happened to that?”

According to Palestinian statistics cited by the UN Human Rights Council, 1,462 civilians were killed out of a total of the 2,251 Gaza fatalities during the 51-day conflict, per a Times of Israel report. Israel claims in the reports that nearly half of those killed on the Palestinian side were combatants, and blamed Hamas for the civilian death toll as a result of deliberately placing rocket launchers, tunnels and other military installations among civilians.



  1. She told us she was one of Israel’s biggest supporters.
    Are there more meaningless words in the English language than those that follow “Hillary said”?

  2. Well of course. Its the DEMOCRATS. They ALL hate Israel like poison and will circle the wagons for each other. They have the compliant media in their back pocket so they will never press them on these issues.


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