Hikind Demands Dept. Of Education Pull Permit From Noisy Group At Erasmus Field


erasmus-dov-hikindBrooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has called on Chancellor Dennis Walcott of the Department of Education to rescind a permit granted to a group at Erasmus Field who are disturbing local community members until all hours of the morning. The park-which is surrounded by an otherwise quiet, residential community-sports Fieldturf-style artificial grass with markings for baseball, football, and soccer.
Without consideration for the families that would be disturbed by its action, the D.O.E. granted a park permit to the International United Soccer League allowing them to play soccer until midnight, nearly every night, until September 1. The result: Parents are having difficult times putting children to bed. Some complain that their small children have been awoken in a panic by the loud cheers of crowds reacting to soccer games in the nearby park. As if a midnight curfew weren’t late enough, the group tends to stay at the park for many hours after their permitted activities have expired. Residents who live blocks away are disturbed-how much the more so those who live close by.
“It’s outrageous!” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “Why would the D.O.E. be so insensitive as to grant a permit to any group until midnight in this park? They had no right to do this without first consulting with the community. Community Board 12 was never contacted. This neighborhood is made of families with small children who can clearly hear this noise not only at their children’s bedtimes but also long, long into the night and even the morning. The D.O.E. made a mistake and let this group run amok. It’s shameful.”
Assemblyman Hikind said his office has received numerous complaints from residents and he has reached out to the D.O.E. on behalf of the community. He is insisting that the “midnight permit” that is allowing the community families to be disturbed be pulled immediately and that no further permits beyond 9 pm be issued.
A letter to Chancellor Walcott from Yiddel Perelstein, Chairman of Community Board 12, and Wolf Sender, District Manager of CB 12, also expressed outrage at the situation at Erasmus Field.
Erasmus Field is located at 1497 McDonald Avenue.

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  1. At last some action respecting our residential rights! And WHEN will we get responsive action from Mayor Blumberg’s so-concerned administration?
    All of you who are affected – on East 3rd, East 4th and even East 5th Streets, by Avenue L – M, make a note to check with Dov Hikind’s office every other day – keep the heat on.
    Don’t go to sleep!


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