Hikind: Face It – Weprin Lost Because Of His Vote For Same-Gender Marriage & Obama’s Anti-Israel Stance

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hikindNY Assemblyman Dov Hikind was clearly one of the winners in Tuesday’s special election in the ninth district in New York, throwing his vocal support behind Bob Turner.

“I am thrilled that the voters of the 9th congressional district exhibited their independence in voting Bob Turner into office in a sweeping and decisive victory, with 67% of the vote in Brooklyn,” says NY assemblyman Dov Hikind. “Residents across Queens and Brooklyn sent a clear message to President Obama that they will no longer tolerate the broken economy, the lack of jobs, and the countless Americans who are struggling financially and are out of work.

“Bob Turner’s values were consistent with those of the district, unlike David Weprin, who stood up on the floor of the Assembly, identified himself as a practicing, Orthodox Jew, and proclaimed his unequivocal and proud support for gay marriage in New York State. Weprin’s vote crossed the line, and ultimately, it was the cause of his undoing in this election.

“Voters also communicated their displeasure with Mr. Obama’s anti-Israel policies, his irresponsible spending programs, and his efforts to send Medicare and Social Security to the brink of bankruptcy.

“Like many proud Democrats, I went to the polls yesterday and cast my vote for Republican Bob Turner because it is imperative that regardless of party affiliation, we elect the best candidate to represent our interests. That is exactly what occurred last night in the 9th congressional district, and I congratulate and commend Mr. Turner on his exciting and important triumph,” said Hikind

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It was one reason & one reason only! The Bnei Torah of Flatbush came out to support Hashem’s honor! The Chillul shem shomayim that was caused by the losing candidate, had to be counter’d! A big yasher koach goes out to Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein for making a Kiddush Hashem on the highest levels, showing the world that we care about Keddusha!

  2. #1 sorry to bust your cloud but the entire jewish vote in this district is 30% true we voted against weprin most because of his strong support for obama and his socialist leaning but 70% of the area are jewish and brooklyn is the smallest part of this district
    with bstrong support from the christain sector and strong support from brooklyn frum russian and independent we did get rid of him
    thank you mayor koch for your continued strong support of israel and making this a referendum on obama

  3. dov hinkind has backed numerous candidates and they have all lost his entering this race came way way after koch who was able to change the direstion of this election into a referendum on obama’s stand on israel
    remember koch is also a strong supporter of toeivah rights but an even stronger supporter of israel

  4. #4 – It isn’t just who belongs to what group in a district, it’s how many come out to vote. The frum community in Brooklyn was constantly urged to come out to vote on issues it finds important. That’s also why, wherever you live, you should get out and vote. If your district has a low level of voter participation, elected officials will tend to ignore your needs. In a democracy, the squeaky wheel does get the grease.


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