OUTRAGE: Felder, Hikind, Levin, Greenfield, Deutsch Condemn New York Post for Disgusting Front Page Story Following Tragic Murder of R’ Menachem Stark z”l

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menachem-stark3Statement from Council Member Stephen Levin:

“The New York Post’s unbelievably offensive headline this morning comes the day after Mr. Stark’s family and children, as well as an entire community, laid him to rest and are still mourning his death. For the New York Post to suggest that a person deserved to be murdered is sickening and reaches a new low. The entire community is outraged by such a vulgar headline that is so offensive and horrific. The New York Post should pull their story and issue an apology to the family and community that are still in mourning.”

Statement from Assemblyman Dov Hikind:

“I understand that the New York Post wants to sell papers and that they are willing to sacrifice the standards of propriety from time to time. But there is a difference between bad taste and just plain indecency.

“The pain that this headline caused to not only a man’s family but to the entire Jewish community is indescribable and was so unnecessary. It was a heartless act that should never have been allowed. It was truly beneath contempt.”

State Senator Simcha Felder released the following statement:

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms the incredibly insensitive and crass cover of today’s New York Post which mocks the kidnapping and brutal murder of Menachem Stark. The Post must issue an immediate apology to the Stark family and to all New Yorkers for its egregious behavior and failure to exercise any judgment whatsoever in this matter.”

Councilman David Greenfield tweeted a statement:

“I’m sickened by the @NYPost condoning the murder & kidnapping of chasidic businessman. I don’t subscribe. If I did, I would cancel subscription.”

Councilman Chaim Deutsch issued the following statement:

“As the people of our great city become aware of the brazen abduction and barbaric murder of a fellow human being, I express my deepest condolences to Mr. Stark’s wife, children and entire family on the loss of their loved one.

“They are the true victims of this heinous crime and our hearts go out to them. We must consider the feelings of a family who lost a cherished husband, father, son and brother.

“The front page of today’s New York Post is particularly reprehensible. It serves no purpose other than to further victimize those affected by this vicious murder. A depraved act like this should never be publicized in a manner that does anything except help the grieving family cope, and assist law enforcement in bringing those responsible to justice.

“Society must stand together to support victims of unspeakable crimes and I ask our news media to exercise responsible judgement when reporting such stories. The NY Post failed us today and owe all New Yorkers an apology.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams’s response:

“Today, at 3 p.m., Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will join Jewish community leaders and local officials to condemn the Post’s hateful coverage. Brooklyn Borough Hall is located at 209 Joralemon Street.”

Everyone is asked to call and write to the New York Post to tell them to put a halt to the hatred:

PHONE: 212.930.8000.

EMAIL: online@nypost.com OR letters@nypost.com OR customerservice@nypost.com.

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  1. the NY Post and their readers are not Jewish.
    they don’t have halachos. They don’t follow a book of morals or ethics. They do what they want.

  2. “Halacha Hi B’Yadua, She’Eisav Sonei L’Yaakov”
    throughout the years, people would forget that we’re different than the Goyim and that they hate us, and Hashem sent us very clear reminders, let’s fix the mistake that we’ve made throughout the last bunch of years, before we’re given an even bigger reminder Chas V’Shalom

  3. All of this attention is exactly what the financially sinking NY Post wants. The only practical reaction is a complete boycott of this trashy paper. It should be purchased by no one. It should not be sold in any stores. Ads should not be placed in it. And if distributed for free, it should not be taken. And we should not forget.

  4. If you really would like to pay the POST back for this gross insult, cancelling your subscription will NOT do it. This is a drop in the bucket.

    The way to do it is to call the major advertisers in the POST and tell them you will NOT patronize their stores or businesses if they continue to advertise in the POST. That is the way to economically cripple a paper.

    100 phone calls will make a much bigger difference than cancelling 100 subscriptions.

  5. I intend to buy or borrow the paper, leaf through it and mark down any organization or company who advertises in it and boycott their products. If we could all collectively do so, they’ll “maybe” understand!

  6. “I’m sickened by the @NYPost condoning the murder & kidnapping of chasidic businessman”

    The NY Post should be shut down

  7. Someone makes a great point. The best thing would be to CALL advertisers of the Post and tell them that we will be boycotting their business.

    A couple advertisers cancelling with the Post will do a lot. A couple of cancellations will not do much.

  8. My letter. I am simply outraged that your increasingly anti-Semitic and Jew-hostile headlines has come to this… A headline saying “Who didn’t want him dead”!!!
    If we were of some othe minority persuasion we would be burning down your offices and demanding heads to roll but we are not, hence the pass.
    Hence your editors feeling safe to express hatred and outright incitement to murder Jews.
    No, not to murder Jews but to torture them first by fire and dispose their bodies in dumpsters
    Where was the reporting of the “shady” dealing of the Asian man that was found in a dumpster???
    The headlines would not sound quite the same as when you have the fiddler on the roof with the Shtreimel picture. It would not create the same amount of buzz, the same amount of sales, the same amount of hatred.
    After all Asians are not that interesting.
    When there’s a grieving community and grieving wife, babies, parents and siblings you dare post a headline that means to justify this mans torture and killing?!
    Whatever harm he could have done to others financially ( evidence of which is total innuendo at this time) is completely irrelevant! His body is still smouldering, his wife and children are weeping have you no heart and no conscience?
    The Hasidic community has contribute to this city far more in charitable acts and organizations more than any other minority in the 5 boroughs yet you consistently pick out the select few individuals that do wrong you call them “Rabbis” and proceed to libel the entire community of hundred of thousands do-gooders. This is done on a regular basis.
    Let me ask you the following;
    Have you heard of Hatzalah?
    Responding to traffic accidents and emergency calls half hour before the city does.
    Have you heard of the Shomrim?
    Keeping communities safe and assisting the NYPD.
    Have you heard of the countless medical referral and volunteer hospital groups?
    Have you heard of Masbia?
    Feeding thousands of hungry.
    Have you heard of the hundreds of yeshiva schools that exist in NYC that saves the taxpayers millions?
    Have you seen the amount of property tax and income tax that is surely in the billions of dollars that we contribute to the city???
    Have you seen who responded first during Sandy storm on the beach communities??? Who fed and clothed all victims indiscriminate of race, religion, or gender?
    Have you seen the almost non-existent crime rate in our communities?
    If you have not then you are blind, blind with hatred and blind with jealousy.
    We do not deserve such treatment not do your readers deserve to get this garbage forced down their throats.
    Wishing your papers’ total change and remorse or deep demise.

    Joel Wolh
    Joel W.

  9. We should circulate lists of advertisers, especially those who happen to be on today’s issue, so we can contact them.

    The other thing that might be worth considering is looking into whether it’s possibile to sue that lowlife, the one with a blog. Is it permissible to set up a website like that, stirring hatred against an ethnic / religious minority? I wonder what would happen if someone set up a website which kept posting criminal acts of African-Americans as well as mere suspicions. And there are quite a significant number of violent criminals and crimes among that community. Still I see no such websites…. perhaps because law enforcement would promptly take them down and the courts would make the responsibiles very very sorry?

  10. Hope they get him in England. Send him back to Australia and let them deal with his criminal and morally bankrupt behavior. Watch him hide behind his employees like he is currently doing in the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailry… such ugly behavior…. he has no shame ….boycott all his rags, including the Wall Street Journal!

  11. The real blame goes to the sites that the Post quotes, as they are the leaders in the Chillul Hashem that is taking place in so many areas.

  12. The head line really means : “Who doesn’t want Jews dead?”
    Sad for the family, and sad because this trend is pointing to 1934 Germany”
    We must see what is really happening and pay attention!
    Some of us are either too busy working or learning
    That we fail to realize there is a fire on the other corner of the building rapidly spreading

  13. Hashem yikom damo!

    The NY Post is a tabloid full of lies and inuendos and it has become popular to be anti-Semitic towards chareidim in Israel and the U.S. There is an outright war against Hashem and those who are proud to uphold His Torah! This latest headlines of the Post is probably the most disgusting thus far. Chazal tell us that at keitz hayamim, G-Dlessness will be at the forefront!

  14. The New York Post should be renamed “The NY Sturem”
    This day January 5 2014 should be recognized as POST KRISTALNACHT!
    It’s time to get out of here!

  15. A message from Moishela
    A handicapped child
    Alef Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5772-Oct 13 ‘11

    “Use These Last Precious Moments to Get Closer and Closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu”

    I want first to wish Am Yisroel a Gut Moed. I want also to tell you that Hashem is really kicking so-to-speak the Gaava out of all of us from beginning to end.

    We all feel like broken Keilim but in the very near future you are going to be so happy that you feel like that and you will see that everything that we’ve all gone through throughout history, every Gilgul that we’ve gone through, has helped us to come closer to the reason for life itself. Hashem created man, the human being, to rise higher than any other creation except for Himself.

    FOR THE REST OF THIS :http://www.dani18.com/uploads/P2011_10_18E.pdf

  16. my wife and i ,until today the bought NY post, we decide me and my wife, we will not buy, anymore the NEW YORK POST, with a a such a nasty message like this

    Thank You

  17. If you remember, When Harav Ovadia Yosef Z’L was niftar, the post called him “a racist” now this. it’s time to shut the post down once and for all

  18. We won’t forgive or forget! They can put a full page headline of apology…. There are just some things you can’t apologize for. So I’ll have to call on “Death to the NY Post!”

  19. let`s face reality. The Post knows that despite their less than optimal photos the frumme keep coming back for more reid from them. They are only more than happy to oblige

  20. someone should make a white house petition against the new york post demanding an apology from them
    there was one made but it got removed

  21. the coverage of the post is disgusting despicable and senseless! They just want to sell papers as do all newspapers however most newspapers want to put forth a good image an image of truth the post and many others like it dont care… What sells more after all?
    The post on this case did not mean to be anti-semitic they meant it to have a double meaning so you buy the paper but read the article and its not slanted at all toward jews rather that he had many debts to various different types of people some rather dangerous…
    please research the topic before placing an opinion.


  22. I sent the following to the NYcompost

    Imagine if you covered every murder in NYC as you did recently. Suppose you publish in the first page a full size photo of every victim of vicious murder, a photo which shows the ethnicity in an obvious manner, along with a title “Who did not want him/her dead” (everyone has enemies after all, and especially so a murder victim, whose enemies actually went to the length of planning and carrying out a severe criminal act which is usually caught and is likely to result in being buried in a hole for decades) and of course a headline with “druglord” “prostitute” “bum” or perhaps worse. I wonder if that would sell extra copies, or rather if there might be riots, smashed windows in your building, garbage cans set on fire at your door.

    I don’t read your paper, but I have started remarking to everyone, especially to African-Americans and Hispanics – who sadly have often lost friends or relatives to violent crime – what if it were your bro thrown in monday’s edition first page with a full-page photo and a vicious headline? We will see in the long run if this disgusting attitude of yours is going to sell more copies, or if it will not.

    They replied me, see below. I am confident have been overwhelmed with emails and phone calls. Please let’s keep this up, let us contact the advertizers, and most important of all, let us address their “source” the blogger. Had the issue been addressed ten years ago, Rubashkin would not have been destroyed financially and thrown in prison. And after we have taken care of it, which is by far the most vicious and is an example of brazenness for everyone else, there are other blogs that needs to be addressed. These people must be held accountable.

    We apologize for the inconvenience,

    We will continue to work on giving you high quality content. We appreciate all suggestions made by NYPost readers. We will forward your message to our Editorial Department.

    Please advise should you require further assistance.

    Best Regards,

    NYPost Customer Service


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