Hikind May Get A Challenger From Upstart Tischler Family

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dov-hikindSay this for Brooklyn’s Tischler family: It does not lack for political ambition.

First, young Abraham Tischler decided to throw his hat into the ring for the new “Super Jewish” seat, running against ex-Councilman Simcha Felder in a Democratic primary. Now, Tischler’s younger brother, a college student named Mitchell Tischler, has registered a campaign committee to run against Brooklyn Assemblyman and power broker Dov Hikind.

In other words, the young brothers are looking likely to take on two of Orthodox Brooklyn’s most powerful pols.

Mitchell Tischler, who could not immediately be reached for comment at his home phone number, is a student at Touro College and has been enrolled since 2009, according to his LinkedIn profile. Once source tells me that he commonly goes by “Moishy.”

His older brother, Abraham, first made headlines in 2010 when his much older rivals got him thrown of the ballot in the special election won by Councilman David Greenfield.

{City and State NY/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Kal hakavod. It’s a free Country, I think, so anyone that goes thru the process legaly, can run. The voters will decide who is the best candidate. I hope the entrenched establishment doesn’t try to squash them out like they did last time! Let the process play out!

  2. How sad it would be if we woke up and found ourselves represented by a kid with zero experience. The community would get zero respect in Albany.

  3. Dov is our man and make sure to recall all he has done for us. Maturity, Sechel and gr8 people skills are some of his attributes.

    Go Hikind, Go…

  4. Simcha Felder is my man all the way. The biggest mentsch and oheiv yisroel I’ve ever encountered. I know him since I’m a boy and he’s never failed to demonstrate unusual gutskeit in his dealings with the older members of his father zt”l’s shul.

  5. the orthodox community is becoming more and more Republican. The Tischler brothers mean well but you guys are in the wrong party guys.


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