Hikind: NY Same Gender Marriage Bill Doesn’t Enough Votes To Pass

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dov-hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), an unwavering opponent of same gender marriage, said today he does not believe the votes needed to pass the same-gender marriage bill in New York State are available in the Assembly. According to Hikind, the bill, which passed the Assembly twice before, with the most recent vote of 89-52 in 2009, is “not a done deal.”

“There has been much talk in recent weeks about strategy in the Senate, about ensuring there are enough votes to pass the [same gender] marriage bill there,” Hikind said. “Quite frankly, a cursory analysis shows that there may not even be enough votes to pass it this time around in the Assembly given the freshman class and recent vacancies. The fight is still very much alive.”

Only 76 votes are required to pass a bill in the Assembly. Four seats, previously held by Assembly members Audrey Pheffer, Nettie Mayersohn, RoAnn Destito, and Darryl Towns, are now vacant. All of these former members previously cast a vote in favor of same gender marriage. The 2010 elections also resulted in an increase of Republicans in the Assembly chamber, most of whom are expected to vote against the measure.

“When you do the math, the numbers just aren’t there,” explained Hikind. “The Assembly vote should not be taken for granted. In numerous conversations with my colleagues, it’s become clear that there has been a shift in the Assembly on this issue. Even if the bill did pass in the Assembly, it would be by a very narrow margin, which is hardly a victory for the [same gender] community.”

Hikind is urging his colleagues to vote their conscience and not be influenced by political considerations or polling. “It is equally important,” Hikind noted, “for constituents throughout New York State to contact their Assembly representatives and make their opposition to this bill known.”

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  1. what has happened to the loshon noki of matzav? once upon a time this headline would have instead said “toeiva marriage”

  2. anyone who lives in the Great Neck area please call
    senator Jack M. Martins and tell him to vote against toeiva marriage. If you know anyone in Great Neck area please give them this urgent message.

    Albany Office
    Legislative Office Building, Room 946
    Albany, NY 12247
    United States
    Phone: 518-455-3265
    Fax: 518-426-6739
    See map: Google Maps
    District Office
    151 Herricks Road, Suite 202
    Garden City Park, NY 11040
    United States
    Phone: 516-746-5924
    Fax: 516-746-0439
    See map: Google Maps

    Email address: martins@nysenate.gov


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