Photos: Hikind, NYS DOT Hold ‘Working Lunch’ Meeting Over 3-Year Ocean Parkway Project

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Hikind_O'Shea_1Brooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) sat down last week for a productive lunch meeting pertaining to a three-year project on Ocean Parkway to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. In meeting with Charles O’Shea, Director of Government Affairs and External Relations for the New York State Department of Transportation, Assemblyman Hikind also raised potential issues regarding construction plans, and how it could affect residents of the community and commuters who use Ocean Parkway.

“This is a major thoroughfare that thousands of people use on a daily basis,” Assemblyman Hikind said, “so we need to ensure residents of our community that this process will go as smoothly as possible.”

The construction project, slated to begin in the spring of 2016, will feature updated traffic signals, signage and ramps to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, as well as traffic flow. To conclude construction, Ocean Parkway will undergo a concrete pavement makeover instead of asphalt, providing for a much sturdier and long-lasting thoroughfare.

After meeting with O’Shea, Hikind offered suggestions to further improve the traffic flow along Ocean Parkway.

“Through looking over the construction plans for Ocean Parkway, there are certainly some things we can address moving forward,” said Hikind, who expressed gratitude for the meeting. “It is our hope that with the help from the New York State Department of Transportation, we can help make traveling along Ocean Parkway a much more pleasant experience for all parties involved.”

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  1. As a bike rider and occasional pedestrian let me chip in my two cents. Both bikers and pedestrians need to respect others. It’s frustrating to encounter walkers on the Ocean Parkway bike paths and it’s also annoying (and dangerous) for pedestrians to have to dodge bikers on the pedestrian side of the Manhattan bridge. The Ocean Parkway bike path would be easier to ride if it was street-level instead of up-and-down ramps at every street it crosses and also if it was smooth asphalt instead of jointed concrete.

  2. I can’t understand why they cant redesign bay parky @ ocean parkway like a regular standard intersection, instead of coming in at an angle. The coming in at an angle from Ocean parkway is a major problem.

  3. This is preposterous. They redo ocean pkwy more often than I buy new shoes. The asphalt is fine. Nice and neat and smooth. The concrete pavement lifts in slabs and is far more hazardous in the long run. Who bribed this project into existence?


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