Hikind Offers Solution To Snarled Boro Park Traffic

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While everyone complains about the traffic in Boro Park, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D, Brooklyn) is doing something about it. Hikind believes one solution would be for stores along the main thoroughfares to begin accepting off-hour deliveries. Rather than having trucks adding to the congestion, this would go a long way to reducing the congestion along 13th, 16th and 18th Avenues during peak traffic hours.

Today, Assemblyman Hikind met with Brooklyn Department of Transportation Commissioner Keith Bray to discuss his solution. The meeting was also attended by Stacey Hodge, DOT Director of Freight Mobility, Transportation and Planning Management, Asheque Rahman, DOT Program Manager, Claudette Workman, Assistant to the Commissioner, and Barry Spitzer, Manager of Community Board 12.

“Everyone agrees that traffic in Boro Park, especially along the main streets, can become nightmarish,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “I had an excellent, productive meeting with Commissioner Bray and his team about possibly offering store owners financial incentives to accept off-hour deliveries. Implementing a program like this, which they currently have in Manhattan, would be a first for the outer boroughs. It would improve the standard of living for everyone in our community—not just the people who live here but also those who are making deliveries because the deliveries would also be faster. It’s a win-win and I look forward to reporting further about our progress. I look forward to working with all elected officials and the Community Board to make the necessary changes that will help alleviate the traffic congestion in the community.”

Photo caption: Assemblyman Hikind, Brooklyn DOT Commissioner Keith Bray and Barry Spitzer, Manager of CB 12.



  1. Yea and then those stores and/or those suppliers will raise our prices.

    Lets just ban all the school buses because who really needs them? {{sarcasm alert}}

  2. not a good idea most stores get off hour deliveries and statistically from 8-930 am ther are very few trucks on those avenues the pm rush is more of an issue

  3. bli ayin hara the number of school buses making 4 stops per block is the bigger cause it would be great for kids to walk a bit in the months with decent weather and parents can rotate once a week or 2 to stand at the corner

  4. It would be great for adults to walk a bit in the months with decent weather too. There’s no reason to get in your car to go 4-5 blocks it’s actually faster to walk. And it would cut down on all the overweight unhealthy slobs, and help the traffic even more by getting all those Hatzolah ambulances off the street too.

  5. Busses are a huhe problem especially as it relates to parking. They park in the streets even though it’s not legal and they are a nightmare.
    And the driver’s united and downright abusive! They’re always on their phones while transporting our precious children. For all I know they’ll track my post and ho after me!!!
    One stop at the corner is certainly where we need to go! Enough with these 5 stops pet block!

  6. Hikind takes on every issue except for what he’s paid for; to represent us in Albany. He has thus far refused to sponsor in the assembly, the cemetary bill that Simcha succesfully pushed through the senate. He should leave NYC issues to our councilman

  7. Is this the same guy talking? It is under Dov’s watch (Noach Dear’s, Greenfeld’s and Felder’s too) that banks and businesses in the area expanded and increased, without requiring them to build ample parking spaces, knowing well that a parking dilemma would eventually make life harder for the entire neighbrhood.
    Oh Dov, just somehow compare the complications in the area to the troubles of the nazi era. You can add some fancy words (ex. Unfathomable..unimaginably unbelievably horocious of catastrophical proportions) describing how awful the issues are, to make your press conferences look like they are anything but bowel movements.
    Yes we all think you don’t really really care.


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