Hikind Praises Community Board 12 For Unanimously Passing Resolution Opposing Traffic Changes Along Ocean Parkway


New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) praised Community Board 12 and Councilman David Greenfield for unanimously passing a resolution opposing dangerous traffic changes along Ocean Parkway. The resolution comes hours following Assemblyman Hikind announcement of a rally denouncing the traffic changes, inviting the public to voice their concerns and frustration over these unsafe changes.

“I applaud Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein and District Manager Barry Spitzer, as well as Councilman Greenfield, for their initiative and efforts to prevent these changes from being implemented,” Assemblyman Hikind said. “We must collectively work to stop this insanity from going into effect.”

As part of the two-year Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety project along Ocean Parkway, the NYS DOT elected to eliminate right turns onto Avenues J, P, Kings Highway and other avenues from Ocean Parkway heading North and South. Instead, motorists will be forced onto the service roads one block earlier. “Eliminating right turns will pose a dangerous threat to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists alike, and will undoubtedly create havoc, confusion and frustration for all parties involved,” Hikind said. “By diverting cars onto the service road, which would otherwise not be there, it could potentially lead to an increase in accidents and, god forbid, fatalities.”

“I encourage everyone to join me at the rally this Sunday, Dec. 4th, at 11 a.m. on the corner of Avenue J and Ocean Parkway and encourage friends and family who oppose these disastrous changes to come voice their concern,” Hikind added. “I implore you to call Governor Cuomo at 212-681-4580 and the Mayor at 212-788-3000 and ask them to save Ocean Parkway from this insanity.”



  1. Could we have more details about the plan? Were they opening the service road so that you can turn into Ave. K as well, if coming from that direction? We need the details – maybe part of the plan is good. Ave K needs to be opened up onto Ocean Parkway. Then ave J and K should be turned into one way streets, going in opposite directions -just like 13 and 14 avenues in Boro Park.

      • You’re right. But, you do not inconvenience the whole New York for a few people’s comfort. There are laws about this, and those residents would get a few bucks too. But trafic is terrible and dangerous for all New Yorkers, and they must be protected first.


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