Hikind: Results Are Finally Coming to Ocean Parkway and Bay Parkway; DOT Improvements Will Mean Greater Safety for Pedestrians and Motorists

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hikind ocean parkwayAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) met with Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray of the Department of Transportation (DOT) at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Bay Parkway to discuss dangerous traffic conditions. Hikind had invited Bray to personally observe the high traffic area. At the on-site meeting, Bray told Hikind that the DOT will be instituting various improvements at the busy intersection to enhance road safety. “I look forward to working with Commissioner Bray on this issue,” said Hikind, expressing his gratitude on behalf of the community.

“I’m relieved that after so many complaints, results are finally coming to Ocean Parkway and Bay Parkway, which has seen more than its share of tragic accidents. This is a horribly dangerous intersection. I’ve personally observed how easy it is for drivers to hit a pedestrian or bicyclist. There is nothing more valuable than seeing the safety issues at this intersection in person and I’m grateful that Commissioner Bray took the time to come down and listen to our concerns. We are continuing our work to make Ocean Parkway safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, and these improvements will reduce the danger of accidents, potentially saving lives.”

Drivers on Ocean Parkway who want to make the right turn to exit onto Bay Parkway run the risk of hitting pedestrians or bicyclists crossing the intersection. In addition, Hikind has requested that additional signage be installed to give drivers more advanced notice of the upcoming Bay Parkway exit. Currently, drivers who might intend to make the right turn to exit are caught off-guard, especially if they are in the middle or left lanes, and many veer off suddenly to switch into the right lane.

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  1. After fixing this intersection the DOT should look at Dahil Rd. Almost every intersection between 38th street down to 18th ave and 45th st. is G-D forbid an accident waiting to happen. My pick for the worst is 40th and Ditmas. Ave Why isn’t there a 3 way traffic light at that intersection? While on the subject of Parkways when will they change the 25 mph on Ocean Parkway back to a normal 30 mph?

  2. It is terribly dangerous because the obtuse angle of the exit means that cars can make the turn at nearly full speed. If a car isn’t using its turn signal this can put a pedestrian or biker in the path of a car doing 25-35 mph with no warning or time to get out of the way. A car traveling south on the service road is even more at risk because the driver has to look over their left shoulder at an almost impossible angle to see if it’s safe to proceed.

  3. how ironic, I was just crossing this street today and had to look over my shoulder the entire time and speed up as cars were coming straight at me off ocean parkway. truth be told, all the streets here are a mess. cars are speeding and trying to get through intersections without any regard for pedestrians.
    I would like to give a special thank you to the lady who almost ran me over five minutes before Shabbos. You saw me in front of your car yet that didn’t cause you to hesitate or slow down in your rush to get through the intersection. Slow down, Shabbos doesn’t override a life.

  4. Worst driving spots not repaired is right in front of Chynka wedding hall at 129 Elmwood Ave. where street is sinking and sewer juts out killing many drivers bottom of their cars. Also 19 th ave between 47 & 48, this street is all but forgotten


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