Hikind Shoots Down Questionable Claim of Attack By Orthodox Jews

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dov-hikindA 22-year-old black man, who lives a toeivah lifestyle, claims he was left with a broken eye socket and torn retina after more than a dozen men violently attacked him in Williamsburg earlier this month, NBC New York reported.

Taj Patterson, a fashion student, said the men wore clothes typically worn by Chassidic Jews and allegedly shouted slurs during the assault.

Reports indicate that Patterson was intoxicated at the time of the attack.

As of this time, no suspects have been identified and the NYPD said the alleged attack was being investigated as a hate crime.

But the obvious questions about these claims have been raised. Unfortunately, though, this story has been reported as fact by the media – and even by some supposedly Jewish outlets.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind is dismissing Patterson’s accusations as “bizarre” even though “something clearly happened” to him. Hikind said such violent behavior “sounds so out of character” for Orthodox Jews.

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  1. Make him take a lie detector sound like he may have gotten into an altercation with some hoods and would like to make. A civil suit call racially motivated 4 o’clock in the morning being drunk come on

  2. #1. anyone can dress up like a chasid; it doesn’t mean he is one
    #2 its easy to put blame on anyone you want to; have there been any credible witnesses?


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