Hikind Touts Agudah’s Professional Career Services Launch At Boro Park Y



Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) will be on hand tonight at the commencement of Professional Career Services (PCS), a program designed to help community members advance their careers, start their own businesses and boost their professional market values in only five months. The PCS program is a project of Agudath Israel of America in a combined effort with the Boro Park Y.
The business-enrichment course will cover a wide array of business topics designed to give community members a leg up in both the job market as well as their own personal businesses. Courses cover computers, money management, purchasing a business, personal finance, management, Quickbooks, investments, business math, business law and much more. There are a number of free industry-specific workshops as well as a limited number of scholarships available.
“I’m proud to support an important program of this nature, which is designed to get people working and provide better opportunities to support their families,” said Assemblyman Hikind. Hikind has sponsored numerous job fairs over the years, which have been responsible for placing hundreds of individuals in jobs. “There’s nothing more important than bringing gainful, meaningful employment to our community members and I applaud Agudath Israel of America and the Boro Park Y for adding this service to their vast programs.” Assemblyman Hikind thanked Daniel Soloff, the National Director of PCS, Mendy Eisner, Course Coordinator, Ellie Kastel, Executive Director of the Boro Park Y, and Chaim Israel of the Boro Park Y, for providing this opportunity to the community.

Tonight’s open house will present an overview of the program and will take place at 8 pm at the Boro Park Y, 4910 14th Ave, Brooklyn. For more information, call 718-436-1900, ext. 5 or email meisner@ny.pcsjobs.org

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