Hikind’s Office Conducts Shmurah Matzah Survey, Says to “Shop Around”

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Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s (D-Brooklyn) staff visited numerous supermarkets throughout New York City earlier this week to survey hand-made shmurah matzah prices at various locations. The matzah survey, which spanned 30 supermarkets in Queens, Brooklyn, Far Rockaway and the Five Towns, was conducted to serve those who are seeking the best prices available for shmurah matzah this Pesach.

A survey result showed the cheapest matzah is being sold in Brooklyn for $11.99 per lb., with prices ranging up to $35 per lb. for other brands at different locations.

“This is about providing the Jewish community with a guide when purchasing their hand-made shmurah matzah for Pesach,” Hikind said of the survey. “This yom tov is by far the most expensive to prepare for. If you want to save money and be a smart consumer, my advice would be to just shop around.”

Hikind reiterated that in no way, shape or form is the survey an endorsement of one store over another or to purchase a particular brand of matzah, but rather a guide for those that are seeking to save money on their matzah purchases.

“With this survey, one can save hundreds of dollars on shmurah matzah alone, a main staple of every Jewish household on Pesach,” Hikind added. “I’m proud of my staff for visiting so many different communities to survey these prices, which will in turn act as a tool for those shopping for Pesach.”

Hand-made Shmurah matzah is a labor intensive process, made from wheat that is watched carefully from the moment of harvest. The flour is “guarded” during its travel to the matzah bakery, with the flour and water then mixed by hand. The baking process can be no longer than 18 minutes to prevent leavening.

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  1. Whats the point of the survey? Just to aggravate us if we cant find that 11.99 store?

    You dont have to praise one store over another just provide us the prices from each store. We’ll decide if its worth it to drive across town to save another dollar and so on.

  2. there’s rachayim shel yad, rozover, matsoh baked with shmira yeseyrah. so if one ho is not interested in these he can buy cheap. its not that 9’99 lb the same as 25 lb

    I saw shmurah from eretz yisroel for 9.99. don’t know the hechsher.I wouldn’t buy it . there is from bdatz shmurah


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