Hilchos Pesach: Going Away, Bedikah at Hotel

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bedikas-chometzIf one will not be at home for Pesach (and will not be able to make a Bedikas Chometz on Sunday night (28 March) one should preferably ask their Rov to sell their Chometz and rent their home/apartment to the non-jew on Sunday during the day. {There are however lenient opinions that do not require this early transfer}. Laws of Pesach, R’ A. Blumenkrantz

If one will be staying in a hotel for Pesach; if one arrives before Sunday night (28 March) or anytime during the night, one should search the room with a beracha. If one arrives Monday morning, one should search the room without a beracha. Shulchan Aruch w/Mishnah Brurah 437:1,2, Laws of Pesach R’ A. Blumenkrantz

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