Hillary Apologized for Email After Focus Group

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hillaryBefore apologizing for using a private email server as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton’s campaign held a focus group. The New York Times reports Clinton’s aides showed footage of a contentious press conference to a group of New Hampshire independents and Democrats last week.

The group “showed that the email issue was drowning out nearly everything else that Mrs. Clinton was hoping to communicate to voters,” the Times reported.

Days later, Clinton inched forward with an apology for “confusion” over the private email issue.

On Tuesday, Clinton apologized for using a private server in an interview with ABC News. “I could have—and should have—done a better job answering questions earlier,” Clinton said in a statement. Read more at the New York Times.

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  1. In related news, Hillary woke up only After Focus Group, brushed her teeth only After Focus Group, ate breakfast only After Focus Group . . . .

  2. Next time I get pulled over for speeding through a red light while texting and not wearing my seat belt, maybe I’ll apologize to the policeman. It’s not “as” criminal as what Hillary did so I should be forgiven……right.

    Hillary belongs in Prison.


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