Hillary Blasts Trump for Not Making His Furniture in Lakewood, NJ

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Hillary Clinton went after Donald Trump’s business record in Atlantic City in front of the shuttered Trump Plaza casino today, taking aim at the real estate magnate’s numerous bankruptcies and their effect on the struggling resort town, Politicker NJ reports.

Clinton also cited Trump’s proposed economic policies, echoing her previous remarks at an appearance in Camden County in May when she said that Trump would “give a huge tax cut to millionaires like himself, add trillions to the national debt, default on our national debt – just like he defaulted on his business debt.

“He says he’s for the working men and women of America.  But Trump furniture is made in Turkey – he could have made it in Lakewood, New Jersey.”


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  1. She makes her money of bribes from large corporations and foreign countries. Big talker.
    She doesn’t know the first thing about manufacturing and licensing.

  2. She could’ve said Lakewood, California
    Lakewood, Colorado
    or Lakewood, Washington
    so who cares??????

    • I think they do, actually. They censor my comments regularly and they’re usually pretty mild compared with many posts on here.


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