Hillary Clinton Defends Israel in India

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hillary-2016Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday sought to defend Israel for its actions in the Middle-East and claimed that it has made numerous overtures for a peaceful resolution.

“United States believes that whatever difference one might have with the situation in the Middle-East, Israel has been defending itself for 60 years and has made numerous overtures to bring about a peaceful resolution of the situation. It has thus far been unsuccessful in doing so”, Clinton said in Kolkata during an interaction.

“We continue to try and press for resolution, particularly on Palestinian issues which US also cares deeply about”, she said when asked why the US has not taken action against Israel when it was in violation of 35 UN resolutions and has not signed the NPT.

Clinton smilingly said “well, I don’t think we have been able to convince Delhi to sign the NPT as well”.

Stating that proliferation of nuclear weapons was one of the the biggest problems facing the world, she said “it is not one country that we worry about, we worry about nuclear weapons proliferating in other countries.

“A nuclear arms race that would be very damaging, even though we look at this as primarily, as nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists groups.”

Speaking about Iran, she said “We believe that at this moment in time the principal threat is a nuclear armed Iran because Iran is a state sponsor of terror”.

“There has been a recent incident in India with Iran supported state-terrorism. They work through proxy through Hezbollah,” she claimed.

“We broke up a plot when the Iranian government tried to murder the Saudi ambassador to United States by hiring a drug trafficker”, Clinton said.

“So the problem with Iran goes far beyond even this region. They recently were engaged in bomb building in Thailand. They bombed a facility in Argentina some years back. I just want you to know that we have nothing against the Iranian people”, she said.

“A nuclear armed Iran is a threat to world peace”, the Secretary of State said, adding, “this is a regime with a history of aggressive behaviour.”

On the possibility of an Iran-Israel conflict, she said that Israel was very worried about Iran becoming a nuclear power.

“India knows from its own experience that you have to pay attention to threat and you have to be prepared for them in your own neighbourhood. So I think that Israel is very worried that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon then there might be a decision by some future leader to actually use it and that would be devastating.”

She said that Iran had a right to civil nuclear power, “but we would like to see them give up irrevocably their right to weapons.”

{DNA India/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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