Hillary Clinton Steadies Herself Before Going Down Stairs

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After finishing a campaign speech in Fort Pierce, Florida, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton grasped an arm to steady herself before going down the steps off the stage, Charlie Spiering reports for Breitbart.

After walking to the top of the stairs, she paused and pointed at someone. A man, perhaps a Secret Service agent, approached her from behind and offered her his arm.

Clinton steadied herself and took one step, but let go of his arm as she descended the remaining four steps required to leave the stage. Clinton’s speech lasted about 25 minutes, but she coughed at one point, reaching for a lozenge as she began to lose her voice. Read more at Breitbart.



  1. תשע”ז ר”ת:

    1. תהא שנת עשירות וזיווגים
    2. שמע זעקתנו עמך תושיע
    3. תשבי שלח, עמך זכור
    4. תבנה עירך שוועתנו זוכרה
    5. תהא שנת עקירת זדים
    6. תעזרנו שנעקור עבודה זרה
    7. תהא שנת עת זמיר
    8. תושיע עמך שנראה זיוך
    9. תשכין זיו שכינתך עלינו
    10. תגאל עמך בשנה זו
    11. תשמיד עבודה זרה – חרד”קים
    12. תשפיע שפע על זרעך
    13. תהיה זו שנת עליה
    14. תאיר עינינו שמור זכויותינו
    15. תהא שנה עתירת זכויות
    16. תהיה שנת עולות זבחים
    17. על זאת שבחו תשבחות
    18. עבודה שבלב זו תפילה
    19. תשע”ז בגימטריא 777 = “וישבתם בטח” = 777 (דברים י”ב י’)
    20. תשע”ז בגימטריא 777 = “לראות פני” = 777

  2. Hello, everybody. I also need a bit of help on steps ‘cuz I got arthritis in my knees. I’m a few decades younger than Hillary, to boot. It doesn’t say anything about her ability to be president – in and of itself. So let’s separate this from the rest of the questions we have about, and there’s plenty of things to ask about…

  3. How many famous old ladies do you all know in this world? I remember helping an elderly woman across a street at least a decade before she passed.

    In orthodox judaism we respect life. If Matzav keeps reporting on Ms. Clinton’s frail soul on this forum, one wonders about the Torah jews they are serving.

    Are we all just looking for tabloid hate or just paces for hard value in our jewish life? Is the vote more important than our chesed and our faith? If you are sick on the day of voting, will you be scared for eternity that Hashem caused you to forfeit your chance to stick it to the candidate you hate?

    I would be more charitable but I am not yet feeling that orthodox judaism itself is good enough in this forum to reward any conversation with a Baruch Hashem when reading half of these articles.

    Its a stigma that we suffer as human eased terror finds the marketplace. This stink about Ms. Clintons health is terrible.

    For all we know, Donald Trump could kick over over night before the election and Pence might be the candidate. Chas V’Shalom. This is just the most obscene GOP era I have experienced in over 4 decades.

    Mark your calendars chaverim. The day to vote is not Yom Kippur.



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