Hillary Clinton: There May Not Be Tanks On The Street But We Witnessing An Assault On Democracy



  1. She’s %100 right. The Feds should storm her house like they did to Roger Stone. Hillary tried to steal the election. Why did Mueller leave out the information on the murders of Vince Foster, Seth Rich, & Peter Smith? Why did Bill Clinton meet privately with the corrupt Loretta Lynch? Why did Hillary use bleach to completely clean her hard drive? If everything she did was squeaky clean, what was she covering up?

  2. The wicked witch of the west.
    Will these רשעים ever fade away! Hey Billary, Suha Arafat is waiting for your visit.

    • Don’t worry. The original Hillary has faded, men hot ir gepaygered. Once the arrests will begin, Fakestream will report that Hillary and Billary were killed in a car accident. Mark my words.
      In the meantime, Fakestream is fooling the sheeple with her impersonator, Teresa Barnwell – look it up – who, I hope, will also get arrested.

    • “The wicked witch of the west.” So true! Her face says it all, you don’t have to even hear what she’s saying.

  3. I agree. Socialist democrats. Democrats twisting truths. Impeaching wherr even Pelosi doesnt want to impeach. Or driving jobs out of ny. Taxing people just cause they have money and worked hard for it to give money to people who just dont want to work. Green deals like green tea smoke screens. Leaders being told what to say by their handlers.

    Democrats are not very democratic .

    What do you think

  4. She’s so right. The dems have insisted on spending more than 30 million dollars of our taxes to find gornusht on the democratically elected president yet still working as if he committed crimes.


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