Hillary Clinton: “Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead Of Trump?”

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke about foe Donald Trump during a video conference of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, saying, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”




  1. because you’re a LOSER and NOT FIT to be the Leader of the Americans after BENGHAZI MURDERS, EMAIL LIES, FBI LIES, PARKINSONS, SICK WOMAN,

  2. The bigger question is WHY ARENT YOU 50 points behind are there that many blind and foolish people who want more of the liberal nonsense regarding bathrooms and fighting to define marriage etc they are so worried about the effects of climate change on 30 years from now but regarding a proven threat of Iran they call it a victory if we can get 10 years can anyone with any integrity explain this in a coherent way

    • Agreed. But she isn’t? She basically imploded before our very eyes. Even some of the libs are starting to back off. Hussein and Hillary have come up with a new one -government backed anarchy. Cops getting shot, riots, women men using ????? bathrooms, paying off terrorist states and then telling the American people to mind their own business, etc. etc. You can’t make this stuff up. Like they say in the ol’ pastime: Going, going gone!
      But, hey, don’t feel bad for her. She’ll make plenty of $$$$ from her “humanitarian” Clinton fund if she loses.

  3. Because you’re a hypocrite phony who has no core values. You dont stand for anything. You just swing to whomever pays you the most for that particular month.

  4. The problem with Hillary Clinton is that she is a misandrist (a man hater) who only cares about the well-being of women and girls (and only them), who only wants to protect of women and girls (and only them) against violence and poverty


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