Hillary: I Do Not Expect Pollard to be Released

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pollardSecretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Eretz Yisroel today and she said that she does not anticipate any change in the case of  Jonathan Pollard, Yehonoson ben Malka, who remains languishing in American prison.

“With respect to Mr. Pollard, he was convicted of spying in 1987,” said Clinton. “He was sentenced to life in prison, he is serving that sentence, and I do not have any expectations that that is going to change.”

Clinton’s remarks were made at a press conference following a day of a marathon talks with Israeli officials in Yerushalayim. During her visit, Clinton was met by protesters calling for Pollard’s release.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Finally saying like it is! I give her credit for, at least, saying what we knew all along. The US Government doesn’t care about Mr. Pollard. What does Mr. Romney say about this issue?

  2. He was not convicted. That’s the point. He entered a plea bargain, to save U.S. and Israel the embarrassment of a trial. The U.S. did not honor the plea bargain. Get your facts, Hillary.

  3. No Mr Romney will not free him upon becoming president. Its not for nothing he has remained quiet on this issue. If Jews made it clear to any candidate that this is of vital importance, we would see changed hearts by the two candidates. But since people are to worried about other things, nothing improves on this terrible black stain of American Jewish history.

  4. Then why do so many high ranking politicians and attorneys, who have thouroghly reviewed this case over and over again, sign letters demanding his release. Are they all crazy, or maybe there was a mistake in the sentence. How about all the issues about his sentence being too harsh for a crime like this, which everyone has seen, and everyone knows his crime does not fit his punishment. 27 years is long enough, HIllary!


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