Hillary: I’m Unlike the ‘Truly Well Off’

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hillary-clintonHillary Clinton just made the first gaffe of the 2016 presidential campaign. In an interview with The Guardian, Clinton defended herself as a credible candidate to fight America’s growing income inequality because she is “unlike a lot of people who are truly well off.”

It’s not completely clear how the former Secretary of State was trying to distinguish herself from the “truly well off,” but it is curious since she and her husband have earned over $100 million in speaking fees and books just since 2001.

Apparently, Hillary believes the fact that she pays “ordinary income taxes” and has earned her wealth “through dint of hard work” makes her a crusader for the 99 percent. Or at least she hopes so, for the sake of her likely presidential run.Read more at The Guardian.

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  1. She is “unlike” the truly ‘well-off’. Hillary only collects her own tact by rehearsal after rehearsal. The truly well off have to plan and then go with whatever the day brings them for austerity. How could a privileged woman conspire to hiccup the dignity of human voice for the demand of paying a lost public. Not since Marie Antoinette averaged her hut has such a woman been found! Really, Hillary is just saying: Let them Stamp Books.

    And I think she might even share her nixed caricature of wealth!

    Dry lady. Dry eyes. Almost dry heart. Hopefully officially her day will dry out. Who needs another ship of gloved bell catchers in heaven? No thanks so far!

  2. I see Hillary is nervous about having what happened to Mittens Romney, happen to her. It seems, in the Liberal media, if you are wealthy in this Country, there is something unfair about that. Hillary was all gong ho about it when it applied to a Republican, but now when the shoe is on the other foot, hmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Maybe her nomination and election aren’t such a sure thing after all.

    Still hard to see how any of the Republicans can beat her, though. They are either corrupt, extremists, or both.

  4. She and Hillbill might be schleppers, but our charliehall will vote for them with closed eyes. Maybe he will hold his nose. After all, something decent did rub off our charlie over all these years reading our posts on Matzav.com.

  5. America’s “income inequality” is the effect of Obama Government on American Citizens. Obama’s policies have been in effect for the past 5.5 years. So Clinton is going to fight against the policies of the Obama Government?

    The Democrat Party is THE party of corruption, deception, and lack of transparency. It is the Democrat Party that is promulgating radically extreme left-wing ideals on the American populace.

    Obama is the most radically extremist left wing President America will have. Hillary Clinton is also a radical lefty: She is a disciple of Sol Alinsky and she knows Chicago thug politics.

    The Republicans are no tzaddikim, but they nowhere near as morally corrupt (Holder, IRS, Benghazi, immigration, AP phone scandal, etc.) or radically extreme (global warming, toeivah, anti-family, statism, etc.) as today’s Democrat Party.

  6. I have rachmonous on her I was going to send her a macdonald hamburger coupon, 2 burgers, 2 drinks, and one French fry. I thought that would help her and her husband for lunch or dinner. Just imagine you are down to you last billion and you just can’t make it.


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