Hillary Sorry for Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’

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hillaryDemocratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that it was a “poor choice of words” to have ever said the phrase “illegal immigrant” when referring to undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

During a Telemundo-sponsored Facebook chat on Tuesday, the former secretary of state vowed to never use the phrase again.

“I’ve talked about undocumented immigrants hundreds of times and fought for years for comprehensive immigration reform. And I will continue to do so,” she added. Read more at Yahoo.

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  1. Hillary Clinton is pandering.
    Sanders being a leftist liberal gets the Democratic nomination as did McGovern.
    Sanders being a leftist liberal gets slaughtered in the general election regardless as to who gets Republican nomination as McGovern was slaughtered.

  2. i wonder, is one permitted to refer to “Nazi Germany”? Would that not offend decent Germans? After all there were and are Germans who were not Nazis and there there were Nazis who weren’t German.
    For instance the Nazi party was the elected and ruling party of Romania.Also, there were SS divisions who were not ethnic Germans such as the Ukrainian SS and the Lithuanian SS and the Hungarian SS, among others.

  3. Now of course if it was a Republican who tried to “apologize”, the media would force them to resign and would then press charges and have them thrown in prison with a lifetime sentence.


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