His Heroics and Life Saving Actions Made Him Famous



Anyone who had the privilege of knowing Ari knew of his infectious smile and his wholehearted willingness to help anyone in need. His heroics and life saving actions made him famous. However, Ari and his family had a very hard life full of difficulties and challenges.

Early in his career as a paramedic in NY, Ari was injured. The injury was life-altering, it ended his dream as well as his livelihood. Finances were choked, he no longer was able to support his family, and a very painful new life suddenly began. He required multiple painful surgeries, was unable to work, which caused the family to struggle and lose their financial stability.

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Six years ago Ari was celebrating his wife’s birthday with his family in his home when he collapsed and his heart stopped beating. Until today Hatzolah harkens back to the “Weichbrod call”. Arie was shocked more than a dozen times and CPR continued for an hour and 15 minutes. With chasdei hashem Ari survived with 100 percent brain function.

Ari spent two weeks in a coma and endured six years of pain and agony, aside from the financial struggles that continuously mounted every week and month.

His children,

Binyomin Tzvi – 20

Shimon Zev – 18

Gershon Eliyohu – 17

and twins

Nechama Tzivya and

Yitzchok Mordechai – 7, spent months without a father and mother. His devoted Aishes Chayil Roize was always by his side and is credited with keeping her husband alive through these tumultuous years of surgeries, heart issues, diabetes, etc.

​Ari and his wife never had much in terms of dollars, but they had worlds in terms of happiness, joy, and Simchas Hachaim.

​Friday night, the first night of Chal Hamoed, Ari was called up by the Aibershter. His mission and tafkid in this world was complete, but his family is now left with nothing at all r”l. A shattered family without their father, without their Totty. Who will care for this family, who will take care of a young almona with 5 yesomim? Mrs. Weichbrod bravely stood by her husband’s side as they faced their challenges together, but this has shattered their family’s stability.

Although klal Yisroel is losing so many diamonds, we also come together as a klal. Mrs Weichbrod will be there for her children but we the klal need to make it practically possible for her to care for them.

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Fund is under auspices of the local askonim (listed below) in conjunction with Rabbi Moshe Rotberg, Rov of Toms River.

Menashe Frankel

Uri Kahanow

Avi Motechin

Zalmy Sorotzkin

Gershy Tress

Moshe Tress

Yossi Tress

Avi Verschleiser

Noshi Zelikovitz

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