Hisachdus Threatens Hotel Boycott Over Kevorim Desecration


rfr-protest-kevorimFrom the NY Daily News: A group called Save the Graves wants to bury real estate developer Aby Rosen in protests. After staging demonstrations outside the Lever House headquarters of Rosen’s RFR Holding and, last week, outside his upper East Side home, the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada has announced it will turn up the heat on the Quaker-maned magnate by picketing two of his investments: VIP hangouts the Core Club and the Gramercy Park Hotel.As we reported this summer, the CRC’s beef with Rosen and RFR involves the company’s project to build an ultraluxe $600 million hotel in Jaffa, Israel. Construction crews there have unearthed an ancient grave site, and the protesters allege RFR has ignored their pleas to deal with the remains in a proper manner.

As a result, the CRC’s Save the Graves committee fired off a warning letter, dated Nov. 15, to Rosen.

The missive explains that if Rosen continues to respond to the group’s concerns with “a mix of silence and petty half-truths,” the CRC will keep organizing “protests of RFR projects and properties throughout New York,” including “the Core Club and the Gramercy Park Hotel” – two exclusive venues frequented by VIPs who wouldn’t want to get caught up in a Hasidic hullabaloo.

The letter adds the protests will “educate” RFR’s partners and customers as to “the true nature of your development” and complains of “bones strewn around the site in a most disturbing manner.”

A spokeswoman for Rosen responded with a cryptic release that does not name Save the Graves or the CRC, but rather states, “Israel’s High Court of Justice has rejected the claims of “an anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist religious extremist group to obtain a temporary injunction” against RFR.

The release also contends the remains were “definitively determined” to be of “pagan origin” and concludes: “The project continues to move forward without delay.”

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


  1. We should all participate with these Tzadikim protesting the desecration of kevorim (under the lie of zionist “professors” that they are “pagan”) by these New York based execs assisting the zionist regime.


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