Histadrut Supplies Tear Gas For Every Bus Driver


The heads of the Histadrut, together with workers committees of the public transportation companies, decided to equip bus drivers with tear gas as a first step in efforts to eradicate violence against drivers.

Further steps are expected to ensure the safety of drivers and, consequently, to protect the safety of passengers.

The Histadrut and the workers committees will ask the management of the public transportation companies to brief their drivers on how to operate the tear gas legally. The Union of Transport Workers in the Histadrut represents about 7,500 public transportation drivers of the Egged, Dan, Metropoline and Metronit companies.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. What are they doing about protecting the public from violent bus drivers – like those who drive as if they were on a motorcycle instead of a bus with passengers?


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