HISTORIC MONTH : Bonei Olam Closes Out a Historic Month of Chessed with ONE MILLION Dollars of Disbursement

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Bonei Olam was created by Rabbi and Mrs. Shloime Bochner, who noticed the need in our community to raise the funds for fertility treatment. Since Bonei Olam’s inception, it has raised enough funds to assist in the births of over 8,000 babies. If you speak to any one of these families, they will quickly assure you that they would have been unable to start a family without the money they were given for treatment by Bonei Olam.

This last month was a historic one for Bonei Olam – and an unprecedented one, perhaps, for the wide world of Jewish organizational philanthropy. In one month alone, Bonei Olam dispensed the astonishing sum of over $1 million to assist families with fertility treatments, cancer cryopreservation, high-risk pregnancies, and diagnostics, like ultrasound, bloodwork and consults, as well as genetic research, which, in fact, identified two new genes in August.

The checks ranged from $2,400 up to $25,000, and were distributed to hundreds of couples waiting for a child of their own.

“Whether the funds needed are large or small, Bonei Olam is there to assist financially, practically and emotionally,” remarked Rabbi Bochner, who spoke as he signed check after check.

“As the month of August is coming to a close, this was the first time in 21 years that we wrote out disbursements in such an astronomical amount,” continued Rabbi Bochner. “So much chesed was done for so many people. This is a very proud moment, and we hope that people understand how much we need their support so that we can continue helping families. Yidden must realize how very real their support is to the families who benefit from Bonei Olam.”

On the Yom Tov of Chanukah, night after night, the shamash goes about its task of kindling lights. Each evening, it welcomes a newcomer and settles it into its place in the menorah.

Two flames, three flames, and four flames. The shamash brings them to life and then stands and watches over them.

Yet, the shamash doesn’t count. It gives light to all the candles, but it never attains the status of a Chanukah light in its own right. It never gets the chashivus of a ner Chanukah, she’asur lehishtameish bohem ella lirosam bilvad. It never thinks about itself. Its entire job in life is to bring light and life to others.

And this is why the shamash towers over all the other lights in the menorah.

Rabbi Shloime Bochner is one of the greatest shamashim our world has seen. Because of him, thousands of candles have been lit in our world. Over 8,000 Yiddishe candles, Yiddishe lechtele kinderlach, glowing with kedusha, have been kindled in our world thanks to the work of this quiet, unassuming shamash. Yet for himself he asks for nothing.

Bonei Olam and Rabbi Mrs. Bochner need our help to continue building Klal Yisroel comprised of those who without the assistance of this organization would have long ago given up on establishing families of their own. 

While Bonei Olam is disbursing millions, all of us have a million zechusim at our fingertips, available to be had.

All we need to do is give. For sponsorship opportunities visit boneiolam.org or call 718-252-1212.



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