Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Goes Up In Flames

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The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire Monday and, as firefighters worked to contain the intensifying blaze, the structure’s iconic spire collapsed.

The fire started at 6:50 p.m. local time, according to the Paris fire department. A spokesperson for the cathedral described the damage to French media as “colossal.” First responders were trying to salvage the priceless art that was stored inside the cathedral, ABC News reported.



  1. Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris is among the most visited sites on the planet and a splendid example of Gothic architecture. Each year, millions flock to admire and photograph its flying buttresses and statuary, yet few take any real notice of two prominent female statues on either side of the main entrance. The one on the left is dressed in fine clothing and bathed in light, while the one on the right is disheveled, with a large snake draped over her eyes like a blindfold.

    The statues, known as Ecclesia and Sinagoga, respectively, and generally found in juxtaposition, are a common motif in medieval art and represent the Christian theological concept known as supercessionism, whereby the Church is triumphant and the Synagogue defeated. Sinagoga is depicted here with head bowed, broken staff, the tablets of the law slipping from her hand and a fallen crown at her feet. Ecclesia stands upright with crowned head and carries a chalice and a staff adorned with the cross.

  2. Sorry, I won’t be shedding any tears. The pain and suffering we’ve had to endure over the millennia is unfathomable.

  3. Ya! Ya! Destroying evidence of human sacrifice. They know that the world is after these “holy” criminals lately.

    • Probably true as Popes and cardinals have been removed and/or arrested for their satanic practices and atrocities with children in many tiffless. Pope Francis was one of them removed about 2 months ago.

  4. Wasn’t this where King Louis The Whatever Number put Torah on trial and then burnt the 24 wagonloads of handwritten manuscripts from the ba’alay tosfos?

  5. All the tzadikim here apparently never learned that sometimes when you have nothing constructive to say, it’s best to keep quiet.


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