HISTORIC: Trump Meets North Korea’s Kim Jong Un In The DMZ, Crosses Into North Korea


President Donald Trump has become the first sitting US President to step into North Korea.

Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the border between the two Koreas a short time ago, before stepping over and walking 20 steps into North Korea.

The two leaders then held a private bilateral meeting.

As North Korean leader Kim and the President Donald Trump met at the border line that divides the two Koreas, Kim said, “If you step over this line you will be the first US president to step on North Korean soil.”

Trump then stepped over, to which Kim said, “President Trump has just walked across the demarcation line. That has made him the first US President to visit our country. Actually just looking at this action, this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future.”

For his part the President said he was “proud to step over the line” into North Korea, he said sitting next to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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  1. Clearly, President Trump is the leader of the world until Moshiach comes. Hopefully very soon. May Hashem continue His benevolence towards him, protect him and his family, and continue to guide him and give him the strength to spread peace and prosperity.


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