History: Obama To Be First Sitting President To Appear On Chat Show

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obama-lenoBarack Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to appear on a late night chat show tomorrow when he is a guest of comedian and writer Jay Leno. While most of the people on The Tonight show will promote a film or record, Obama will be pushing his economic rescue plan for America. Critics accused him of dumbing down the presidency and of blurring the line between politics and entertainment. Obama appeared on Jay

Leno’s Tonight Show during his presidential campaign – but now he will become the first sitting president to go on such a show

But White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs said the show provided a ‘unique audience’ for the President to get his message across.

‘We don’t look at it as a process of demonstrating the President’s sense of humour,’ he said.

Rather, it was a chance ‘to explain the economic situation we are in’.

Obama has attempted to use various outlets to get across the importance of his $787 billion stimulus package.

Obama has been accused of ‘dumbing down the presidency’ with his decision to appear on the show. He has given a live TV address to the nation, regular press conferences and even broadcast messages on YouTube.

Leno’s show has five million viewers each night, but NBC executives are hoping to double that figure for the 10-minute appearance of the President.

Obama has appeared on the chat show before while a presidential candidate. Such appearances are seen as a potent tool in winning over voters.

It is also the chance for politicians to appear less serious by cracking jokes with the host.

Despite the problems facing the U.S., Obama still retains huge popularity among Americans.

But his appearance with Leno has angered many political reporters. US News and World Report carried the headline: ‘Obama’s Jay Leno Tonight gig will diminish his presidency.’

White House aides said the President was anxious to use other media, other than the traditional press corps, to get his message across.

The pre-recorded interview at NBC’s Burbank studios will follow a ‘town hall’ style meeting the President is holding in Los Angeles.

The two-month-old Obama administration has already won passage of the $787 billion package aimed at lifting the Us economy out of recession.

But Obama’s record $3.55 trillion budget plan faces opposition from Republicans, and some Democrats, over its high costs and bold moves on healthcare, education and global warming.

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  1. By appearing to be as low-class as “the next guy”. Hussein Obama again confirms the impression that he will do anything short of honest discussion to sell us on the road to turning the USofA into a communist state run by his oh-so-smart left-Dem friends. Be aware: he wants to make American war veterans pay for their medical care for WAR wounds. In Japan, in the mid-1950’s, I saw their veterans, wearing ragged clothes, hobbling on crutches. When I asked ‘Why?’, the answer was, “They lost the war”. So, Obama’s heart must be at least part Japanese!

  2. Two Words – Buyers Remorse. Is is clear to
    everyone yet that Barry doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing? Take comfort in this – Rudy came after Stinking Dinkins and Reagan came after Jimmy Carter. If we can just ride this out we should see a great backlash. If in 4 years the great unwashed masses that put Barry into office can’t find work – they will (hopefully) send him back home.


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