“Hitler Was Right”: Florida Community Stunned After Nazi Sympathizer Randomly Attacks Jewish Teen

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ruvi newA 19-year-old bochur was attacked in Boca Raton, Florida on Shabbos by a man who said Jews belong in concentration camps and that “Hitler was right.”

According to WPTV Channel 5, the unnamed student was walking on 2nd Avenue when a man rode by on a bicycle and said, “Jews should go back to Auschwitz. Hitler was right.”

The student reportedly responded, “Why don’t you come back here and say that?”

The man on the bike rode up to the student and repeated his statement. Blows were exchanged and the student was knocked to the ground, striking his forehead on the pavement before his attacker rode away.

“I’m doing better. It was just a little bit nerve-wracking having someone scream at me these things,” the student told Channel 5. He is studying to become a rabbi at Boca Raton’s Chabad Center.

“I think the community is a very great community, a very welcoming community,” the student said by phone. “And I think this was definitely a one-time incident.”

Chabad’s Rabbi Ruvi New said this type of harassment is a new and disturbing development in their normally peaceful community.

“We are in disbelief. Shock. Could this really happen in Boca Raton?” New said.

The suspect in the attack is described as a “white male, about 20 years old, 6′ feet tall, 160 pounds with blonde or light brown hair in a crew cut style and no facial hair. The suspect was wearing a light yellow shirt, navy jeans and dark shoes. He was riding a dark blue Schwinn mountain bike.”

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact Detective Michelle Macy at (561) 620-6222 or Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers at (800) 458-TIPS.




  1. Chabad’s Rabbi Ruvi New said “We are in disbelief. Shock. Could this really happen in Boca Raton?”

    And the Rabbis said in 1938 “Could this really happen in Berlin / Frankfurt / Hamburg / etc.?


    Eretz Yisrael is our only hope.

  2. Jews of Europe deal with this on a daily basis. Its not the end of the world, that Jews living in a nice place like Boca Raton , should know that they are in Galus just like the Jews in europe

  3. “Why don’t you come back here and say that”. I can’t say I wouldn’t react in the same manner, but if I did I wouldn’t want it reported that way. A little restraint. You are giving him what he wants. When a dog barks, do we bark back?

  4. For # 2 – You mentioned Jews in Europe ,how about our brothers in Israel, they live with this daily .No excuses,we are living in a very dangerous period in which the entire world shows clear reawakening of anti-semitism,anti Zionism : anti Jews ! When the dog barks and shows signs of biting ,must be killed ! This world is for people , not for dangerous biting dogs.

  5. This is scary.

    The neo-elite-fascism on the rise with names like Trump and bad mention from hate speech from others these days is turning human hope into strangled dogma.

    To see this in America where News have long felt at home is very frightening.

    The daily storm of anti-immigrant anti-muslim anti-socisl and conspiracy driven speech in mapped out speeches from the vanity of bad fate these days is making the social climate terribly dangerous.

    Terror has found its era and we tremble in our homes.

    Jews will comtinue to speak out. Never again has not been said enough.

    Nip this one history. It is a bad era.

  6. Pack heat – conceal carry is legal in Florida. And don’t be stupid to admit that you in any way provoked a fight – i.e. don’t say you asked the enemy to repeat what he said.

  7. Unfortunately, it usually is better to pretend not having heard and walk away. We are in exile, hopefully not much longer, but we still are.


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