Hoenlein: Ahmadinejad Is Irrelevant

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ahmadinejadThose focusing on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as being the important political figure in Iran are off base. That’s the feeling of Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice President of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, as articulated in the Yated Ne’eman newspaper in the US in an interview with Hoenlein published before Sukkos.

With elections scheduled for the presidency of Iran, Ahmadinejad “will be off the scene in a few months,” says Hoenlein, “and Khamenei would not let him run again. The divisions there are very deep.”

It is for this reason, says Hoenlein, that “we should not talk about Ahmadinejad and we should not demonstrate against Ahmadinejad, because he is not important. Khamenei is the critical person. If we make a big deal about Ahmadinejad, when he moves off the scene, people will delay and say, ‘They got a new president… You have to give it a chance… You have to work with him… We have to see…'”

If Khamenei is calling the shots, the regime policy will stay the same, said Hoenlein.

“Putting a new face on it is irrelevant,” he explained. “For people who always press about certain things, it’s important to understand that to focus on Ahmadinejad now will, in a few months, prove counterproductive.”

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  1. Why haven’t we heard this before? He’s been named all kinds of nicknames from ‘I’m- a-nut-job’ to oh, I don’t remember now.
    But never have heard that he was irrelevant. Has the terrain changed? If Mr. Hoenlein said it, I accept it! But I would like to understand it.

  2. actually it has been a while (since at least a couple of years) that direct attacks to Ahmadinejad by Khamenei and other big shots have been common on state tv and the like. He has been called incompetent and has also been accused in regards to his attitude to Israel, as he threatened a lot – but that was all. In a particular speech, after a tirade against his policies (he cut down subsidies for basic goods, for example, and struggling citizens, whose lifestyle deteriorated drastically, loathe him) it was remarked that anyone might swing – if that’s not a direct threat, I’m not sure what else it is. Oh, and despite Ahmadinejad having a prestigious lineage and family tree, there’s slander going around, and it is insinuated that he is… yes, you guessed it. LOL.

  3. to #1
    nobody will ever listen in todays generation. its really sad

    they will only start to listen after its already too late & something tragic happened. THEN they might confess & say we should’ve listened

    i tell you, its really a crazy society out there today? nobody does anything when something happens. a person could C”V be almost bankrupt & destroyed C”V, but he still will continue spending money on useless things etc…

    people see & hear thousands of accidents with texting & driving…. but still won’t learn from it to drive safely & stop texting

    i wish you hatzlacha & may you always learn to see the past & learn from others mistakes so you can avoid it happening to you


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