Hoenlein: World Jewry Must Say ‘Enough’ To Delegitimization Of Israel

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malcolm-hoenleinDuring a recent interview, the longstanding executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations let on where he stands – or rather, does not stand – on one of the most divisive issues to test Israeli-Diaspora relations of late: the right of women to pray as they see fit at the Kosel.

Asked to respond to highly-publicized remarks made last week in Yerushalayim by Barbra Streisand in support of the rabble-rousing Women of the Wall,  Malcolm Hoenlein told Haaretz: “I think it is certainly legitimate to discuss concerns and issues, but I think this is something that gets exploited, and I would have hoped she would have also talked about the rights of women in neighboring countries, about women who have emerged here in powerful positions, and about the increasing number of women in the Knesset and in high tech.”

Hoenlein added that the issue of women’s prayer at the wall was “far more complex than what Streisand’s comments made of it.”

On a different issue, he believes world Jewry had grown far too nonchalant about efforts to delegitimize Israel. “It’s we who raise the barriers about what we can tolerate, and that’s got to stop. The Jewish community has got to say ‘Enough. We’re not gonna tolerate it,’” he told Haaretz. Read more here.

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  1. Mr. Hoenlein is my favorite Askan! He brings new meaning to the word indefatigable. He literally “LOVES” Yidden and he loves the Ribono Shel Olam.
    May he always succeed.

  2. I definitely am not slamming this man or his opinion, just wondering. isn’t this the type of thing a gadol decides?

  3. OK, so we decide that we won’t tolerate it any more. Just what are we going to *do* about it? What practical steps are we able to take? Issuing press releases can be very satisfying emotionally, but how are things going to play out in the real world of the street?

  4. to #7

    that is false… we do not look to gedolim just for sefaikos, besides the fact that this is a great example of one for many reasons

  5. I think Hoenlien would do better if he would say that World Jewry Must Say ‘Enough’ To Delegitimization Of Religious Jewry in Israel. Enough of the hate and persecution towards Torah True Jewish values by the Israeli Government. There is no hope for a government that uses every opportunity to disparage anything in favor of religious Jews. How can we support a government that wants to legalize chilul Shabbos with busses on Shabbos, has drastically cut funding for Yeshivos, discourages large Jewish families, and uses every opportunity to condemn a religious lifestyle?


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