Holder: Trayvon’s Death Was “Unnecessary”

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eric-holderThis man’s brilliance continues to blow us away.

In his first public statement since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder, Attorney General Eric Holder called Trayvon Martin’s death “tragic” and “unnecessary.”

Holder also said in his prepared remarks on Monday that Martin’s killing opened up an opportunity to talk about complicated issues and for the people of America to try to understand one another better.

The Justice Department announced on Sunday that it is reviewing whether to charge Zimmerman with criminal civil-rights violations. Read more at Talking Points Memo.

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  1. if the dead person would be white person would holder say that the Justice Department whether to charge a black man with criminal civil-rights violations.

  2. 5t youre not g-od and dont play onw how can you know if it was or wasnt unnecessary, the scream iheard was blood curling it was like someone about to die and it was zimmerman screaming he saved his own life.


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