Hollande: Jewish Community’s Fear Is Intolerable

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french-president-francois-hollandeFrench President Francois Hollande addressed the decision reached by many individuals from the Jewish community in France to hide their Jewishness in fear of anti-Semitism, and claimed that this situation was “intolerable.”

“It is intolerable that in our country citizens should feel so upset and under assault because of their religious choice that they would conclude that they have to hide,” Hollande stated this evening. The statement came after yesterday, the head of Marseille’s Israelite Consistory Zvi Ammar told the Jewish members of his community to take off their yarmulkas in order to ensure their safety.

Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French Parliament, chose to wear his yarmulka to office today. “It was important for me to put on my kippah today inside the parliament and to say that if a Jewish person cannot wear a kippah in France, this is not only a Jewish problem – It is a problem for all of France,” Habib told Channel 2 Online News.

“Today it’s the kippah, tomorrow it will be the cross,” he added. “In a democracy everyone can choose to believe or not, and believing includes wearing your kippah and being safe. Sadly that’s not the case in France now. Jihad is spreading across the world and the Jewish people in France are always at the front line.”

The whole debate about the issue arose in France after a senior-level representative of the Jewish community in Paris was found dead in his apartment with signs of violence on his body. Local police estimated that this was a robbery that got out of hand, but did not rule out the possibility that the incident had anti-Semitic roots. In another incident that took place in Marseille, a young man attacked a group of Jewish worshipers with a knife.

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  1. As a Jew who lost an entire side of his family to genocidal murderers during the Holocaust, I’m repulsed by Donald Trump’s call to bar all Moslem refugees from the United States. As a Jew who sees what’s happened in France over the last several years – including the Hyper-Cacher murders, the murders of innocent Jewish children in school and an entire Jewish community under seige – I fear Mr. Trump may have a point. Do you have a solution? I sure don’t.

  2. #1, Really? We have to remember the facts. There are people out there who would love to kill us. To create another holocaust is what they preach, to be a “martyr” is their pledge. These people are coming to us to with the intention to kill us. Look at germany, france, etc. It seems like the correct analogy would be, Inviting muslims to our region is akin to inviting the hitler youth after the war, to the usa. We have to remember. When we came to the usa, we came ready to live the american dream. Not to bother others and to be left to stay connected to our religion. These fanatics come with different intentions. To kill, maim, and injure infidels, christians, jews and everybody who doesn’t identify with their interpretation of islam. Shiite and suni don’t consider the others any better then other infidels. Go figure.

  3. #1 yes it’s nice to let in any refugee. But then you’re left in a situation like Israel is in with the Sudanese who came in on Israeli good will but they show their gratitude by committing crimes left and right.

    Also it would make a lot more sense if the gulf states took them in. The uae, Saudi Arabia, nor any of the other fabulously wealthy Arabian countries have let them in. The Syrian refugees would feel a lot more at home if they could stay in the Middle East. If those countries won’t let them in, it seems pretty suspicious.

  4. To compare the Muslim refugees to the Jew of the Holocaust is an absolute insult to us.
    Yes their are many Christians who should be saved and I’m sure some good Muslims but to just take without filtering is plain suicide.
    When Jews were escaping Germany even if their were some Nazis mixed in they were coming to escape retribution not to infiltrate and attack us here at home.

  5. Take a look at the loshon: “feel under assault”; how about admitting that Jews in France are actually under assault, all because of decades of the Muslim appeasement policy.


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