Holocaust Denier David Irving to Begin Leading Tours of Auschwitz Next Week

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holocaust-denier-david-irvingHolocaust denier David Irving will begin leading tours of the former Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Treblinka next week.  The British historian is also scheduled to lead a group of American and British tourists in the former Warsaw ghetto. His tour brochure promises an experience far removed from the “tourist attractions of Auschwitz”. He will charge the tour participants $2,650 each.The plan has led Jewish organizations in London to express “deep concern.”

Last Friday, the Daily Mail quoted Irving as saying that Polish authorities have turned the site of the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz into a “Disney-style” tourist attraction.

Irving went on to accuse Polish authorities of neglecting other less “marketable,” more authentic death camps, which “don’t have a Holiday Inn down the road,” in favor of Auschwitz.

In 2006, Irving gained notoriety when he was convicted by an Austrian court of Holocaust denial, under the authority of a 1992 law which applies to anyone in Austria who denies, plays down, approves of or tries to excuse the Nazi genocide or other Nazi crimes against humanity.

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