Holocaust Denier Is Sole GOP Contender In Illinois Race For Congress

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A Holocaust denier is currently the only candidate on the ballot in the GOP primary for Illinois’s third congressional district, according to multiple reports.

Arthur Jones, who according to The Washington Post has called the Holocaust a “racket” and a “lie,” faces no Republican opponents in the race for the district representing parts of Chicago and its suburbs.

Jones’s website includes a section called “Holocaust?” in which he says there is no proof that the Holocaust took place in Europe, and says survivors’ accounts of the genocide are propaganda, the Post reported.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. He was supported and put up to run by a bunch of Soros left-wingers to make the GOP look bad. Look at his campaign finance reports! The district is more than 85% democRAT. A Republican couldn’t win there but it’s safe to put this guy up for election so that the dirty dems will have a talking point.

    • Always a conspiracy. Let’s admit the dirty truth- there are plenty of anti-semites in the GOP, just like there are plenty of anti-semites in the Democrat party.
      What happens when people get so attached to a political party is that they can’t see the bad within that party. For years, the Democrat party was the Jewish party, and people completely ignored the parties Anti-Semites (such as FDR), and continue to do so. Now that everyone is becoming Republicans, we will completely ignore the GOP anti-semites.

  2. Who cares if he denies the holocaust? You have to vote for every GOP candidate because we need to get rid of the dirty dems. Right, Mr. The Commish?


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