Holocaust Heroine Dies At 102


Krystyna Danko, a Polish orphan who saved a Jewish family during the Holocaust, died in Poland at the age of 102.

Born in the resort town of Otwock near Warsaw, she formed a close friendship with the oldest daughter of the Jewish Kokoszko family and spent a lot of time in their home.

After the war began, she hid the father, mother and oldest daughter in a secret location and sent the youngest daughter, age 11, on a train from Otwock to an orphanage in Warsaw. Krystyna became the liaison between the family and the youngest daughter, carrying messages and information back and forth, and supplying the family with food, clothing, and money. She asked for nothing in return and said that it was her moral obligation as a human being.

Her sister, Elzbieta, hid another Jewish girl, Jasia Kotowicz, while the rest of her family hid in Warsaw.

Yad Vashem recognized Kryrsyna as a Righteous Among the Nations in 1998.




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