Holocaust Survivor Badly Beaten By Stranger In Unprovoked Attack

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An elderly Holocaust survivor was badly beaten last November in the back of a public transport vehicle, according to a report.

Montreal resident Hanka Fogelman, 92, called for a cab operated by Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a transit service provided by the city for individuals with physical and mental disabilities.  The driver immediately warned Fogelman about a male passenger, saying he was “aggressive” and could be dangerous, according to CBC.

Moments later the man began an unprovoked assault on Fogelman, leaving her with terrible bruising and emotional damage. According to police officials, the assailant has an intellectual disability and won’t be charged with a crime.

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  1. A shoteh is patur for his actions, but what kind of irresponsible, negligent service allows an aggressive, deranged individual to be transported together with a vulnerable, elderly woman?

  2. The driver warned the elderly woman but didn’t prevent it? He should have just chucked him out of the vehicle before he attacked. The driver, and company policy, had better stand trial for allowing this to happen.

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