Holocaust Survivor Celebrates Bar Mitzvah

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93-year-old Shalom Shtamberg, one of the Warsaw Ghetto’s last living survivors, was greeted with clapping and a bouquet of flowers when he arrived at a Haifa shul, wrapped himself in a tallis and read from a Sefer Torah in celebration of a belated bar mitzvah.

Eighty years ago, at age thirteen, he was thrown into the Warsaw Ghetto with his parents and five siblings, who all perished. He survived by training as an electrician and picking up other useful skills.

“I couldn’t celebrate [then] because the Nazi oppressor made it impossible,” he said. “Even before the war, there was a sort of atmosphere that no one could celebrate. There was terrible tension.”

The celebration was organized by Yad Ezer Le’chaver, an organization that provides social services and food to over a hundred Holocaust survivors.

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  1. Mazel Tov. The only question I have is, why did it take so long? I’m not judging. I’m just saying, the warsaw ghetto happened many years ago.

  2. “Eighty years ago, at age thirteen, he was thrown into the Warsaw Ghetto” – in 1937?! Warsaw Ghetto was established in 1940. In fact, WW2 didn’t even start until 1939. Either his age is wrong or other facts of the story are.


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