Holocaust Survivor Slams ‘Demeaning’ US Airport Body Search


Eva Mozes Kor, 84, and her twin sister both survived the Nazi-run Auschwitz death camp in German-occupied Poland, where they were subjected as children to inhumane scientific experiments by the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Yet it was a grueling TSA search that led to Kor tweeting about her awful experience.

“As I lecture about surviving Auschwitz I barely survive the TSA body search I detest it,” said in her tweet on Sunday announcing that she had been searched.

Kor later tweeted that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration reached out to her to clarify and address the issue. “I have been contacted by the TSA to help me and they are working with me to solve this problem,” Eva Mozes Kor tweeted. Read more.




  1. What’s most painful is the dumb stupidity of the employee’s who work for the TSA. In order to qualify you must be a high school dropout with a below average IQ. With their purple disposable gloves they look like total morons. Who wants some total stranger who looks like an idiot to touch you in private places? The terrorists have achieved total victory. We, law abiding citizens, have to subject ourselves to this unnecessary abuse and waste of time. The terrorists are sitting in the Middle East laughing their a– off.


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