Honor the Legacy of Rav Pam on his 19th Yahrteit Tuesday – August 18th – כ”ח אב

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Shuvu was Rav Pam’s beloved cause, his pride and joy. Today, Shuvu has since evolved to become one of the largest educational network in the entire Israel, saving tens of thousands of Jews from the abyss of secularism – a reality that has shaped Israel’s current spiritual landscape.

This past school year was a challenging one.  The reality of Covid has left people thirsting for a greater connection with Hashem, and hundreds of parents have suddenly turned to us to bring their children into Shuvu schools. At the same time, the financial impact of Covid has impacted our funding on many fronts.  With schools around Israel set to open – in some form — in just two weeks’ time, we need your help to accommodate our students, new and old.

To honor Rav Pam’s legacy, a group of generous donors have agreed to match all donations for the next two weeks to get these schools open.  Precious Jewish neshamos, otherwise unexposed to authentic Torah Judaism, are counting on YOU to help introduce them to the beauty of Yiddishkeit.  These children are our responsibility – each and every one of us.

One Donation, Double the Impact.

Shuvu office will be open all day – Tuesday, August 18th – כ”ח אב on Rav Pam’s Yortzeit to accept your donations. Click here to donate today. 


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