Honoring Our Elders In the Time of Coronavirus



COVID-19 is here, in our communities, and we have already begun to lose precious members of klal yisroel. For most, the disease will be relatively mild. For the elderly and weak, however, it can be lethal. This includes our talmidei chachamim, our roshei yeshiva, our grandparents, our premature newborn babies, and our children suffering from cancer.


Most of us have our health, but we all know someone who does not – and we would do anything we could to keep them safe during this terrifying time.


Rav Chaim Kanievsky has given a very clear bracha: All those who donate a ‘significant sum’ here to Kupat Ha’Ir’s cholim fund to help impoverished families affected by sickness should merit, midah k’neged midah, to have no illness in their home.


Right now, in hospitals all over the world, nurses & doctors are fighting on the front lines, to do all they can in the physical world for the sick & dying. Right now, you dear Reader, in your home, are on the front lines of the spiritual battlefield: you are connected to Hashem and every tefilah and mitzvah you do is a merit for yourself and the ones you love.


Give tzedaka here to help people who are sick and financially desperate – and bez”H receive the Rav’s bracha. Do it for yourself, do it for the z’kenim. And Hashem should help us all through this trying time.





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